Wednesday, February 25, 2015


They say this pale pink is soothing
But I dont need to be soothed
So I added a little red to it
It's a thick red so it's hard to spread
I stabbed my last nurst
It was clear she was trying to kill me came in my room with four needles
That's has to be some kind of illegal action
Saying they were going to help me
And then I realized she was crazy because I don't need help with anything
There's nothing wrong with me
I'm basically dead now because I do nothing
And I never did anything and these people continue to call me crazy but on the other hand
It doesn't amaze me I probably look it with my hair like this
All over the place and covering my eyes
Pulling my hair back would be more of a disguise
Many people don't realize
How much I despise everyone here
All I know is that these nurses drugged me and changed me
I was fine until I came to this hell hole
Sometimes I think of maybe selling my soul
I don't even need it
My thoughts take over me and escape through the holes in my restrain jacket

Everytime they come with my pills
I mention to each nurse how they'll be one of my many kills
I'm just giving them a warning
Maybe one morning they'll wake up drugged like me
Then I'll let them all die slowly
Because they did this to me
They brought me in here
Because my thoughts told me kill him and I didn't care
The way he treated me wasn't fair
He used to make me do cocaine, cheat on me whenever he can
And always tried to paint an picture on where I stand
Leading me to believe he told me lies full of despair
 And my drug addiction made it hard for me to care
So the only way to make it out was kill him.